Welcome to the Sandwich



We enjoy playing music and, hopefully, we will have our first record out soon. Until then, check the FREE DOWNLOAD of our Space Bat EP on Bandcamp, and there is also a few older live-recordings and demos on the music page.

So, we have a new drummer and we are actually practicing! Expect some shows coming up soon, once we have the summer behind us....

Yankee Sandwich - Space Bat EP (Free Download)



September 19 - Crowbar, Groningen (NL)

November 20 - Schaubude, Kiel

November 21 -  Hafermarkt, Flensburg (D)

Yankee Sandwich was born on the night Victim's Family played in Hannover, 2010. By fate, the opening band canceled last minute and The Sangwich was born. Onstage.

Matthias, Gu and Mike work well independently and while in the group, whether playing music, getting ready to play music, or just having played it. It's a process, and they know it. They live it. They're rock and roll soldiers, fighting for your right to three chords.

From the sweltering heat of the Sahara to the frostbitten winds of the Arctic, these men have read about them all. And now they sing about things.

The band was named after the most popular sandwich in Matthias' home-made sandwich wagon that he peddles up and down the Weser River.

We are Mike, Gu and ...

And we enjoyed sharing the stage with No Means No, Victims Family, Uhgah Wugah, Bob Wayne, The Generators, Agent Orange, NOWC, and many others